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About Us -


          Cynthia Harvey, Co-Founder

While most of us were merely playing with dolls, fashion designer and sewing instructor Cynthia Harvey was creating clothes for them out of scraps of fabric from her aunt’s sewing table.  “At nine years old I literally and figuratively looked up to my aunt, a professional model who made most of her clothes.  She encouraged me to use the scrapes of fabric to make my Barbie doll clothes and eventually my own clothes.”  

What started as couture doll clothes turned into a whirlwind of a career, including an education from FIDM/The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, international travel to exotic locales like Dubai, Nigeria, Egypt, So. Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Europe and a celebrity client list that includes Janet Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, and George Clooney, to name a few.   Now, Cynthia advises students at the very place where she earned her own degree in Fashion Design.  “I have come full-circle and have enjoyed teaching classes at FIDM,” she says.

It was during her time spent traveling, speaking and teaching at public high schools throughout Southern California that Cynthia learned of cutbacks in art programs at many schools, sparking the idea to put together a program of her own.  “I wanted to offer fashion sewing classes that are fun and affordable, with an emphasis on looks inspired by current fashion designers.” Unlike classes taught at local fabric stores, where the intention is to get students to purchase expensive sewing machines, Cynthia’s fashion sewing classes and workshops are truly dedicated to what she is most passionate about – the art of sewing.