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Have tons of fun in one of our creative workshops. The workshops below are offered by popular demand. Vote for your favorite workshop by signing up today and get ready to sew, paint, and make it your own!

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Intro-to-Sewing class or Sew Basic Workshop required before and D-I-Y Alterations Workshops.
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   Introduction to Wordpress

This Introduction to WordPress Workshop will takes you on a tour of how to navigate WordPress and get comfortable with creating, publishing and updating your own blog/website! WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools on the web, making it easy for anybody to post their verbiage, pictures, audio, video and more. This class teaches the new user how to get their blog up and started as well as teaching students to fully understand the right way to install, administer, and customize their blog.

* Must bring own laptop to the workshop. * Please make sure to create an account with Wordpress prior to the workshop here -

   Simple Doggie Jacket

Create a stylish, functional jacket for your most loyal companion to wear during the cold months ahead. In this new 3-hour workshop, we will show you how to craft a jacket in small, medium or large for your pet. Materials and pattern are available for purchase in the studio. This workshop is for beginners and those who want to craft with ladies and gents in our creative space.

   Infinity Wrap Dress


This Infinity Dress captures two trends of the season, our V-neck goddess dress is in a knit fabric with an empire waist for an extra flattering silhouette. This amazing dress can  be wrapped and worn in multiple ways and you will love how easy it is to make and wear.


Why should artists designers have all the creative fun. Now anyone, any age can express their unique individuality by creating and wearing their own artwork on a shirt. Bring in a cotton T-shirt or fabric that you want to print an image on and we will show you just how amazing and simple this is using sunlight to develop the image right before your eyes.

No sewing involved in this creative workshop.

Lumi paint and T-shirts for this workshop are available for purchase in the studio ($20).

   Sewing Basics


Bring in your old, new, or borrowed sewing machine or use one of ours, and in 3 short hours you will jump-start yourself right into making your own clothing or home decor items! Learn sewing machine basics, including how to thread and operate a machine, how to choose the right fabric for your sewing projects, the essential tools of the trade, how to read a commercial pattern and watch us demonstrate simple sewing how-to's just for you. Practice sewing straight and curved lines, learn how to pivot at corners, and much more Each student is responsible for purchasing the $11 sewing kit in the studio. If you want to be on friendly terms with the sewing machine, this workshop is a great place to start!

   Understanding the Commercial Pattern

Bring in your Vogue, Simplicity, Burda, Butterick, McCall or any other patterns, and in 3 short hours, we will translate…(is it Greek?) the sewing instructions for you. You will leave with an understanding on how to read and how to correctly follow the steps illustrated in the pattern. You will be so glad to finally understand the marks, lines and numbers on the pattern to make it fit your measurements.

   The Detachable Collar

Elevate Your Look

The inspiration for this creative workshop is the
edgy detachable collars that lifts the look of any dress, blouse and especially a simple T-shirt. Besides, coming in a great variety of colors, fabrics, shapes and sizes you can create one of these collars to look prim and proper (think Peter Pan collar) or edgy with embellishments like studs, sequins, beads or stones. They are fun to wear or give as a gift. 

   The 3 Zippers


You love to make clothes and now you are ready to face your zipper fears. Well, fear no more! In this zipper workshop we'll show you how to properly install the 3 different kinds of zippers commonly used in ready-to-wear apparel and accessories. We will instruct you step-by-step in order to demystify the process for you, and will demonstrate the basic sewing techniques for the centered, lapped and invisible zippers. You will also pickup tips to make it easy and have fun in the process. This zipper workshop is for beginning sewers or anyone who wants to brush up on their skills.

   Mommy & Me Workshop


Learn to sew together! Schedule a play date for this fun Mommy & Me 3-hour workshop and the two of you will create a special memory together making matching (or not) simple fashionable skirts for shopping the stores, visits to your girlfriend or grandma's house, for lunch, or holiday dinners!
The skirt is easy to wear with cami’s, halters, or sweaters. You are sure to enjoy each others company while sharing in the process of completing garments you’ll love wearing. You and your child will learn a skill that will last a lifetime!...
Recommended for kids ages 6 – 12 years old.
Skirt kits with everything you need for the workshop are available for purchase at The Sewing Studio, or you can select your own fabric and trim before your scheduled workshop.